Good morning everybody!

I can be very cranky some of the mornings. My mood will be so bad and I will feel very demotivated. After many years, I found reasons for my crankiness.

1. Good breakfast
I realised when I eat good breakfast and if it my favourite somemore, my mood will be good. And, if I did not get to eat anything or if my breakfast is bad, my mood will be very bad. My crankiness will start to show.

2. Good texts/calls from nice people
The morning will be cheerful when we we receive sweet texts or calls from anyone special. All the crankiness will vanish and the mood will be lifted up immediately. I will be cheerful and start doing my works with full spirit. But, if I text or call and I did not get any proper response from them, my crankiness will be multiplied.

3.  Wake up early
I realised I will start my day in a good mood if I managed to wake up early and have enough time to get ready to work in my slow pace. I will have more time to dress up properly and make myself look good. But if I wake up late, I will be very rushing and I would not have time to get ready properly and will look shabby in the morning. It will spoil my mood. So looking good improves my mood actually.

These are the three main things affecting my mood in the morning. Other factors are on off only. But these things happen on daily basis. Since I know the reasons, I am working on myself and trying to feel good in the morning. Because how I feel in the morning will carry forward for the whole day actually.

 Have a cheerful good morning everyone!!

I am an avid user of wet wipes. I will carry them everywhere with me. I can't go anywhere without wet wipes. I have tried many brands of wet wipes but Sweet & Summer is new for me.

I am attracted with Sweet & Summer deep cleansing wet wipes because it comes in two types. They are Greeny for blemish & acne-prone skin and Peachy for dry & sensitive skin. 

Sweet & Summer consists of 3 product:

1. S&S Greeny 30s - formulated with Green Tea extract for Blemish & Acne-prone skin (travel pack)

2. S&S Peachy 30s - formulated with Pomegranate extract for Dry & Sensitive skin (travel pack)

3. S&S Greeny 100s - formulated with Green Tea extract for Blemish & Acne-prone skin (household use)

Greeny is enriched with green tea extract that clears away pore-clogging dirts and blemishes, leaving skin fresh and fabulous. Peachy is enriched with pomegranate extract for soothing and moisturizing, leaving skin healthier and bouncy like baby. This deep cleansing wipe gently cleans the skin from thick make up, impurities, nasty stuffs and negativity. It does not contain alcohol or parabens. It is KKM and Bureau Veritas approved.

Ingredients of Greeny and Benefits:
  1. Quinoa Seed - Reducing wrinkles. Helps firm and tone skin. Collagen producing agent.
  2. Chia Seed - Skin conditioning agent. Soothing skin.
  3. Spanish moss - Wound healing. 
  4. Oat extract - Skin soothing. Rich in source of protein.
  5. Green Tea - Oxidising agent. Mointurizing. Anti-aging. Skin lightening. Fights acne. Nourishing skin. Reduces pores

Ingredients of Peachy and Benefits:

  1. Wild Cherry - Antioxidant. Skin calming benefit.
  2. Cranberry - Anti inflammatory. Cell regeneration and cell activating.
  3. Raspberry - Tonic. Keratolytic. Astrigent.
  4. Dogwood fruit - Skin conditioning. Strong antibacterial.
  5. Pomegranate - High Level of Vitaminc C. Antioxidants.

It is very easy to use this wipes. Just hold it softly over the face for a moment and gently wipe away make up, dirt and other impurities. It deep cleanse the skin with one easy wipe. It removes hard and thick mascara. It is super soft & comfy wipes which does not irritate the skin.

For more information, you can browse their links:



With busy life I am living, I hardly get time to cook and eat. So, when I heard about Master Pasto's Instant Spaghetti Made by Lioco Food Industries Sdn. Bhd. from Penang I got very happy. I can't wait to try it once I received it. Because it is a Ready To Eat Meal in Malaysia.

There are three flavours available. They are Spaghetti Mushroom Cream Sauce, Spaghetti Aglio Olio with Chicken and Spaghetti Bolognese with Chicken. This is Malaysia Halal Food. This spaghetti is very easy to prepare and eat it. It is already fully cooked, so just have to heat and eat it. It does not require refrigeration and only have to reheat in 3 minutes. It is a 3-Minute Wonder. The preparation method is available on the back of the box. Anyone can prepare it anytime they want.

Actually I am not a fan of Spaghetti. But when I try these, I really like it. This is really Best Spaghetti. It is really tasty and yummy. My favourite is Spaghetti Mushroom with Cream Sauce. The good thing is it does not contain preservatives or MSG. This is one of the best thing to buy in Malaysia. You can buy and give these as Malaysian Souvenir to your family and friends and make their life easier with this Malaysian Pasta.

For more information, you can visit their links:

There is this restaurant called Ayam Gepuk Pak Gembus at Sunway. I always pass by it after work. So one fine day, I decided to try it.

They only sell this one time but with several options. It is deep fried chicken with SPICY sambal. You can choose the level of spicyness you want. There are three options: Normal, Spicy and Extra Spicy. And, you can also choose the set you want. Different sets content different side items. The side items are like cabbage, cucumber, fried cabbage, tempe, tofu, liver and gizzard. If you dine in there, you can have free flow of sambal and rice. I always go for take away because I prefer to tapau and bring back home and eat while watching my favourite movie…lol

The first time I ordered I asked for Extra Spicy because I under estimated the spicy level of that sambal. After I tried it only, I realized it is not for weaklings…lol. I cried a bucket while eating it. The second time I tried I went with Spicy. But after ate it, the Spicy also too spicy for me. So, the third time I gave up and asked for Normal only. Normal also still spicy but I don’t really prefer it. I felt like something is missing. So, the fourth time I went with Spicy again and decided to fix with Spicy forever. By now you know that I already went to eat there four times. And everytime I eat it, I will cry and blow my nose while eating and prepare a big bottle of water beside me…hahaha.

I like that meal there because the chicken is deep fried and also the tempe, tofu and liver. All are my favourite. And, I love spicy food. So, it is like a complete package for me. And yeah, I will go there again in future. If you going to try the food there, please get prepared with tissue to wipe your eyes and nose…lol.

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Central I-City Mall opened on last Saturday. Since it is nearer to my brother’s house, I decided to check out the mall while visiting my brother and sister in law. I went there on Sunday during lunch hour. So, we decided to have our lunch there.

After walked around the mall, we decided to have Thai food at Thai Syok Restaurant. We ordered Wok Fried Minced Basil Chicken with Holy Basil, Kam Heong Prawns, Hong Kong Kai Lan with Garlic, 3 bowls of steamed rice and 1 pot of Chrysanthemum & Pu Er Tea.
Even though there are not many people, but it took some time for the food to arrive.  I was hungry already while waiting for the food. Then, once the food came, I dug in like I did not see food for few

Overall the food was ok. Not bad. My favourite was Kam Heong Prawns. It was spicy and yummy. I really liked its taste. Different from normal Kam Heong I had at chinese restaurants. I disliked the Minced Chicken with Basil. I felt like there is no taste in it. The Kai Lan with Garlic was nice and decent taste. The tea was nice too. It was thick and aromatic.

The time we went the connection was down and they could not use credit card. So, we paid with cash. Total was RM83.80 included 10% service charge.

I am a big fan of milk. I always buy and keep milk in my fridge. But, the problem is my stomach get bloated whenever I drink lot of milk. So, I had to limit drinking milk.

But, when I heard that there is a range of milk which does not bloat the stomach, I was curios and wanted to try it. Last week, I received all four flavours of milk from Diamondpure. I could not control myself and immediately tried all four them. These four flavours are different from what you can find in market. These are  Milk with Manuka Honey, Low Fat Milk with Manuka Honey, Milk with Kiwi and Milk with Inulin Fibre. All four of them are really yummy and my favourite are Milk with Inulin Fibre and Milk with Kiwi.

Milk with Manuka Honey and Low Fat Milk with Manuka Honey contains Manuka Honey. Manuka Honey is a unique type of honey from bees that pollinate the native Manuka bush, found widely in New Zealand. It is used to support digestive and immune health.

Milk with Inulin Fibre contains Inulin Fibre. It is a soluble fibre from plants. It may improve digestive health, relieve constipation, promote weight loss and help control diabetes.

Milk with Kiwi contains Inulin Fibre and Manuka Honey. This is a specially formulated milk drink with kiwi fruit enzyme using carefully selected ingredients from New Zealand. Kiwi also known for slowing down the aging process

Other than all these benefits in the milk, the best thing about Diamondpure milk is the milk that is only A2. It is easier to digest by our gut. It is all natural, sourced from New Zealand. A2 stands for A2 beta-casein milk protein. Most of the cow milk available in the market is with A1 protein; very rarely we can find milk which contain only A2 protein. The milk that contain only A2 beta-casein milk protein making it gut friendly and smooth on the palate.

So now, I can drink milk as much as I want and do not have to worry about getting my stomach bloated along with delicious flavours. Now my fridge is full of Diamondpure milk and I am a happy girl.

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Even though I had a wonderful holiday at Hong Kong, I will never go to Hong Kong again. Because of the bad treatment I received at Hong Kong Airport once arrived there.

Yes, I went there with so much excitement.  But, once I arrived the treatment I received at airport was terrible. I was treated like a terrorist.

First when I came out from the plane itself, a Hong Kong guy who dressed in plain clothes blocked my way and stopped me. He did not stop anyone else. He only stopped once he saw me. First, I did not want to stop because I thought he is some random guy. Then, he showed some identity card and stopped me. After that, he asked me all kind of questions which not related to my travel also. He was like interrogate me. I got very hurt with that.

After that, I went to the customs. I forgot to ask my friend the address of the hotel. So, I don’t have any address to write in the form but it is compulsory. There was some problem with my phone so I was unable to connect to wifi or use roaming to contact my friend. So, I asked a local lady’s help. But, she was very rude and did not want to help me as though I am smuggling myself into Hong Kong. Her spouse decided to help me after saw my sad and disappointed and helpless face. May god bless him.

After cleared the customs, I walked towards the exit. Again two officers stopped me. There were so many passengers walking out to the exit but the officers only stopped me and scanned me and my luggages and asked all kind of questions again.

This is it!! I had enough of it. I will never ever go to Hong Kong. I have been to so many countries but I have never been treated like this. This is the first time such a terrible experience. So I am not going back there again. (After came out, I was crying for more than an hour because of treated badly like this)

Mong Kok Street, Hong Kong

Last Sunday, I went for hiking at Taman Eko Rimba KL at Bukit Nanas Forest Reserve.  We used waze to go there since I am still not good with my directions at KL. It took around half an hour to reach there from our house. We reached around 9am. We parked the car KL Tower parking because it is only walking distance from KL Tower. The entrance to the Taman Eko Rimba KL is free. Only have to pay for the parking.

We started lightly with canopy walk. It was nice but full of people taking selfies on the canopy bridges.

From there we went to the hiking trail in the forest. It was not that tough because we just have to follow the trail. So, if go alone also, we would not get lost. Since the trail was not that far, we went up and down few times.

Then, we decided to leave around 11am when we started to feel hungry. It was a good warm up for more challenging hikings in the coming weekends.

Today for lunch I went to eat Satti Soru (Claypot rice) at S Double One Restaurant. I went to eat it yesterday but the chicken finished already. So, I went again today determined to eat it.

I ordered for Chicken Satti Soru and asked for spicy. Then, I went and sat on an empty table and started watching shin chan. Food arrived a bit late maybe because it was very crowded during lunch hour.

The food came steaming hot in a claypot sprinkled with fresh onions. It tasted nice like rice mixed with chicken curry. Maybe they should make it spicier for spicy option because I personally like spicy food. Anyway, this is the first time I am trying satti soru. It costs RM9 for chicken satti soru. The price is varies for other menu.

You can give it a try if you around SS3, Petaling Jaya during lunch hour. Worth a try!
I have been using Bio-Water from Bio Essence for past couple of months. It is energising water for cooling, soothing and moisturising. This is a product from Bio essence Bio Energy Complex.

The ingredients of this Bio-water are water, niacinamide, euglena gracilis extract, glycerin and tocopherol. It is infused with Bio Energy Complex which boosts skin's ability to lock in moisture and minerals to keep it soothed and hydrated. It is enriched with minerals and trace minerals to cool skin, keeping skin hydrated and fresh. It contains low salt content to intensively hydrate the skin, leaving the skin moist and supple. And, it is suitable for sensitive skin.

I love it because it cools me off and makes my skin moisturised especially when I am at outdoor. It was my best friend when I was travelling to overseas especially to hot countries like India. I was spraying this Bio-water generously on my face while I was at India because it soothes my skin immediately when I was under hot weather.

It is very easy to use it. Just hold the bottle at a distance not less than 20cm from targeted area and spray. It can be used over makeup too. It is suitable for face, body and pre-nappy application.
Premier Clinic is located strategically in TTDI, Bangsar, Puchong, Mont Kiara & KL City Kuala Lumpur, providing a comprehensive range of non-surgical aesthetic procedures and advanced laser treatments.

Equipped with cutting edge procedures, technology and expert doctors with specialized knowledge in aesthetics, Premier Clinic provides top notch aesthetic services to their clients from both local and regional markets.

On 31st January, I had an appointment at Premier Clinic, Mont Kiara Branch. I went there for my acne and scar issues.  My acne got worsen since I back from overseas.

I  welcomed by friendly staffs there and immediately brought to meet Dr. Foo. I consulted my issues and concerns with Dr. Foo. Dr. Foo is a friendly person and he patiently listened to my issues and explained clearly what are treatments can be done for my issue. And, he suggested the best option for me which is chemical peel treatment. After listened to the clear explanation,  I agreed to proceed with chemical peel treatment.

Skin peel is an aesthetic procedure whereby a modified solutions are applied onto my face in several layers to remove the upper layers of skin, thereby revealing healthy new skin; removing pigmentation irregularities; reducing oily skin and acne.

First, my face was cleansed. And then, Dr. Foo started the treatment. It did not take long. It was done so quick and I hardly felt anything. No pain or irritation. Only fell little bit of tingling. Then, they proceed with LED photo therapy for 20 minutes. This LED photo therapy helps to soothe the skin and reduces the breakouts.

After the treatment, I was advised to wear sun screen for few days to avoid skin darkening and not to pick any breakouts because it can cause scar. The treatment ended well and I walked out happily.

This is my picture after 5 days of treatment. My skin looks clearer and less acne. I have a glow on my face now. Thank you, Premier Clinic! :)

Address: No.10, Jalan Solaris 4, Solaris Mont Kiara, 50480 Kuala Lumpur.
GPS Coordinate: Latitude 3.175758 Longitude 101.659363
Queries/Appointment Booking Phone No: +6012-662 5552 (Mobile number contactable daily: 8am - 12 midnight)
Mont Kiara Branch Phone No: +603-2330 3563
Email :
Operating Hours: Monday: 2pm - 7pm, Tuesday - Saturday: 10am - 7pm
Closed: Sunday/Public Holiday

I bought these Natural Olive Oil liquid soap from Eyup Sabri Tuncer Garden Freshness at Hong Kong. It attracted me to buy because of the 100% natural olive oil and it made from Turkey.

I bought two types. Bodrum Mandarin Liquid Soap and Ayvalik Olive Blossom Liquid Soap.This liquid soap moisturizes, softens the skin and provides an excellent care while purifies the skin by maintaining its natural balance. This can be used safely in all skin types, easily foams thanks to its structure, is easy to use.

For Bodrum Mandarin Liquid Soap, its natural olive oil formula is enriched with the unique scent of the bodrum mandarin. Everytime after shower with this, I feel that I fill with the fresh, energetic and cheerful scent of mandarin trees under the warm sun of Bodrum.

Ayvalik Olive Blossom Liquid Soap is enriched by processing the olive blossom harvested from the olive gardens of Ayvalik. The light and lasting scent of Ayvalik olive blossom, one of the most valuable of the legendary olive trees adorned with flowers in the spring of Balikesir, takes me on a sweet journey in the olive grooves.

- It does not contain minerals
- It does not  contain animal fats
- It does not contain petrochemicals and petroleum products
- It does not contain animal ingredients. It is a vegan product.

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This is the best pizza I ever had in my whole life! The best-est pizza ever!!

Yup, I had this pizza while I was in Hong Kong. This little place called Paisano's Pizzeria is located in Mong Kok, Hong Kong. Even though, it is a small place it was crowded with people. The pizzas already prepared and we can ask for choose what we want and how many slices we want. But, the one slice itself is huge.

I asked for Bacon Cheese Burger Pizza. It is a pizza loaded with cheese and bacon. Yup, full of grease and heaven of course. One bite it is, I have fallen for it. Even though the one slice is too big for me but I finished it because I could not leave this yummiest pizza behind. Now while typing this, my mouth is watering thinking about that delicious pizza.

If you go Hong Kong, please go try the pizza here. (Non halal). You won't regret it. I hope they will open their outlet here in Malaysia too. Once you have tried this, no other pizza can satisfy you.

*This is not a sponsored post.