You want to make the best out of the years you live. Don't you miss the days when you have your health and youth?

As time goes by, we age and our internal and external organs start to deteriorate. Only with a healthy body, you can live the life you dream of. The food we consume daily will be converted into sugar, the source of energy that allows us to carry out our daily activities. Excess and unused sugar we consume drifts freely and binds to the protein inside our body‒this process is known as "Glycation". The denaturation of protein will form advanced glycation end products (AGEs).

AGEs damage the DNA cells and affect the cells to function normally. This will cause the cells in our body and organs to age. Imbalanced food intake, lack of exercise, stress, and ageing factor can contribute to excess amount of AGEs and speed up the ageing of cells, leading to melanin production and ageing skin. To combat glycation, Wellous formulated a new product, LIVEON. LIVEON is made up of 3 major patented antioxidant ingredients, namely Enzogenol® pine bark extract, Superoxide Dismutase, and Sirtmax black turmeric extract.

Enzogenol Pinus Radiata extracted from the bark of Pinus Radiata in New Zealand. It is produced through international patented pure water extraction technology, to maximize its antioxidant activity, without leaving residues of hazardous waste. It is certified by the US FDA GRAS. This Enzogenol pine bark extract relieve anti ageing sign and increase lifespan; fights free radical damage; improves brain function/mental health; and improves skin condition.

SOD Extramel (Superoxide Dismutase) extracted from non-GMO Cucumis meloL., SOD concentration is 5-10 times higher compared to other melons. This primary antioxidants provide a complete defense system for the human body. This SOD Extramel replenish the lost SOD; protect cells from damage; and reverse the signs of ageing skin.

Sirtmax (Black Turmeric Extract) derived from black turmeric with more than 15% polymethoxyflavones (KPMF). This antioxidant  effect is 15 times stronger than resveratol and 3 times stronger than the common Black Turmeric. Sirtmax helps to neutralize free radicals and slow down the effects of ageing; proven to activate gene longevity, extend healthy lifespan; and improve carbohydrate metabolism and reduce AGEs.

There are 6 major benefits of LIVEON in anti-ageing. Firstly, LIVEON strengthens immune system through anti-glycation, anti-inflammation and anti-oxidation. It stimulates and reactivates the quiescent cells in our body and brain to delay ageing process. It also relieves stress and reduces fatigue to enhance the production of melatonin, hence improves sleeps. Besides that, it  revitalises the harden cardiovascular wall due to glycation. LIVEON also maintains the structure of skin and prevents the formation of wrinkles, fine lines, and age spots through anti-glycation and anti-oxidant. Furthermore, it rejuvenates the body mechanism, provides energy for cell regeneration for a more active and energetic body.

LIVEON is recommended for people who are health conscious; live hectic lifestyle; regularly exposed to sunlight directly; concerned about their skincare and suffer sleep deprivation. I have been consuming this LIVEON for past 2 weeks. I used to struggle to fall asleep and stay awake until late night. Now I can sleep immediately once I go to bed. Hence my stress level and fatigue reduced a lot. I noticed my skin condition also improved. Age spots and wrinkles starting to diminish. I feel more energetic too nowadays. So, LIVEON is really the natural revitalising essence for me.

LIVEON is suitable for both gender to consume. It is HALVEC certified; fat free and suitable for vegan too. It is very easy to consume LIVEON. Just have to take one sachet daily and don't have to mix it with water also. So, I just put it in my bag and bring it with me.

I'm sure all of you also health conscious like me and want to try LIVEON right? If you want to purchase it, just go to Wellous Facebook and ask for authorised dealer for the latest offer.

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Happy Birthday Shopee! In conjunction with Shopee’s 5th birthday celebration, Malaysians’ favourite bubble tea chain Gong cha has curated a new series of drinks to celebrate the occasion. Strawberry lovers definitely don’t want to miss this as the Gong cha 12.12 Birthday Drink features three strawberry flavoured drinks. They are the Strawberry Taro, Strawberry Matcha Latte and Strawberry Marble.

From now till 23 December, strawberry lovers can purchase these drinks exclusively on the Shopee App and redeem it at any Gong cha outlet nationwide. These beverages will sure to bring you on an adventurous journey as they come in creative yet unique flavours never tried before!

Strawberry Taro

The dreamy pink and purple colour combination will bring you on a journey through clouds of cotton candy. The distinct flavours of strawberry and taro blend perfectly and do not overpower one another. Shake well before consuming and take in how the colours meld into a dreamy sight before you.

Strawberry Matcha Latte

This strawberry matcha latte combines the fruity sweet taste of strawberries, creamy milk and slightly bitter notes of matcha into a drink that's refreshingly decadent. Its red-and-green look makes it all the more Christmas-y, doubling the celebration this December!

 Strawberry Marble

Be enchanted by the splashes of red across a background of white as you take a sip of the Strawberry Marble drink which is surely worth a couple of snaps and post on social media… or more (we’re not stopping you). This creation tastes even better when topped with Gong cha's signature milk foam, further elevating the taste of luscious velvety strawberry milk tea.

How can you get the drinks?

The Gong Cha e-drink series can only be purchased via the Shopee App, and redeemed at any Gong Cha outlet nationwide. Get the Shopee x Gong Cha 12.12 Birthday Drink series exclusively on Shopee through the Food & Services Vouchers in-app portal from now to 23 December.

Enjoy the Strawberry Taro, Strawberry Matcha Latte and Strawberry Marble at an introductory price of RM10. Get it at 50% off when you purchase the drinks every Saturday and Sunday in the month of December. Only on 12 Dec, apply promo code GC12 to enjoy 30% coins cashback with no minimum spend and earn up to 500 Shopee Coins when you complete your purchase via Shopeepay.

Additionally, users who use ShopeePay to pay for their Gong Cha orders at physical outlets will receive RM4 cashback when they spend a minimum of RM10. This offer is valid till 31 December 2020.

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I like green tea especially when I'm relaxing and do my writing. But after some time, I was busy with work and stuffs and stopped buying my green tea. And right on time, last week I came across this Full Leaf Tea Store and got this opportunity to try this Detox - Lose Weight Tea package consists of green tea and lemon grass tea plus beauty blast.

I tried all these 3 tea types for last one week and I really enjoyed its aroma and taste. It gives a very relaxing and calming feeling and it taste just nice too. I feel lighter and less stress. Since then, I'm having these tea everyday while doing my writing. I shared these tea with my brother and he loves the green tea and having it with me every day too.

To tell more about this Full Leaf Tea Store, it is a tea store ideally from the know the farmer first! These teas are directly from farm. They are pack on demand and by natural farming plus with healthy element. Their mission is with the Fresh Ideal - promote great tasting, healthy function and natural tea. 

Since I tried these Detox - Lose Weight Tea, I will explain more on this:

Japanese Green Tea for Everyday

It's feature is rich and thick taste of green tea. The mouthfeel is super smooth and suitable for daily drink. 

This green tea is the blend of first collection tea leaves and second collection tea leaves in a year. The tea contains so much Catechin that it is good for your health. The tea leaves dissolve very easily in water that there is strong and super healthy. 

This tea bag is for one pot and make us easy for tea brewing quickly and the enjoy it the whole day. It is great to enjoy the tea with friends and family or serving guest or person in the office. For hot brew, use 1 tea bag per 800ml water. Pour boiling water (70 - 80C) and brew for two minutes. For cold brew, use 1 tea bag per 1L water. Pour room temperature water and keep in fridge for 2 - 3 hours. After that take out and shake it, it's ready to serve.

Pure Lemongrass Tea

This pure dried lemongrass tea tastes like a mix of lemon and lemon mint. This tea helps to reduce fevers, cleanses harmful toxic wastes, cures stomach disorders and maintains cholesterol levels. 

This lemongrass can be mixed and matched with rose and roselle. To prepare it, put a teaspoon of lemongrass in a teacup and pour in boiling water and then steep for 10mins. 

Beauty Blast Tea

This tea is about when the rose meet apple flower...they blast out the beauty and with the jasmine, it bring it out to the next level. Apple flower gives better skin tone and rose buds aroma gives relaxation plus jasmine calms our mind. It is perfectly infuse when all in water together in a sachet. 

To prepare it, put 1 tea bag in 500ml water and enjoy it after 2 - 3 minutes. It will give very nice feeling.

Beside these 3 drinks, there are other teas available in Full Leaf Tea Store too. Visit and select your preferred tea. Please use this promo code : myjourneykay18 for 18% off. This promo code is valid till 31st December only. 

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IG: fulleaf_tea_store

Have you all have heard about Eternelle-B? It is my current favourite collagen drink. Eternelle-B means eternal beauty. Yes, it is really giving eternal beauty. Eternelle-B is by Eternelle International based in Singapore. It is formulated in Korea and produced in Malaysia. 

Eternelle-B's main ingredients are GreenNag and Collagen Peptides Optima. GreenNag is Korea patented and awarded as World Class Product in 2011. Nag is natural ingredient (existing in mother's milk). This precursor of hyaluronic acid can be converted into hyaluronic acid in the body to increase skin collagen content and moisture. It is clinically proven to increase moisture, elasticity & reduce wrinkles of skin and also improve joint function & gut structure.It is an effective anti-ageing ingredient.

Collagen Peptides Optima is Korean premium collagen peptides with average 500 da molecular sizes. It is proven better absorption and bioavailability. It is extracted from 100% fish scales and clinically proven to increase skin flexibility & elasticity in 2 - 4 weeks. 

Other than that contains Glutathione which protects liver. Glutathione + hyaluronic acid can effectively moisturize & whiten skin. Milk thistle (liver protection), bilberry, cranberry, strawberry, grape seed and peach are super anti oxidant, improve immunity and resist free radicals. Besides that, these natural ingredients are moisturizing, anti-wrinkle, shrink pores, lighten spots, even skin tone, smooth skin, relieve joint pain, dry hair, antioxidant, and accelerate wound healing.

Our health & beauty deserve something different. So, this Eternelle-B contains world class ingredients. It is also proven great absorption & bioavailability. More over, it also manufactured & certified with highest standards. Most importantly, it is made of natural ingredients.

So to get flawless skin from within, Eternelle-B is the best choice. It boost; moist; firm; repair & maintain. The GreenNag increases HA content naturally. Hyaluronic acid supports intense nourishment & quenches dehydrated skin. Collagen Peptide Optima helps skin flexibility & elasticity by increasing collagen content in body. Glutathione, milk thistle, berries & grapeseed are natural & powerful antioxidants agents reduce oxidative stress and reduce melanin production. 

It is very easy to consume Eternelle-B. Just have to pour directly into mouth and drink water. Take 2 sachets every morning on empty stomach for new user and take 1 sachet every morning on empty sachet for maintenance. 

I noticed my skin more moist and firm after started using it. It boosts my skin moisture and increases my skin elasticity and flexibility. It evens my skin tone, minimize pores and brightens my skin. My skin looks more glowy now. Since it's very easy to consume it also, I enjoy taking it because I don't have to spend much time in consuming it. 

Want to get your eternal beauty too? Don't wait any more! Faster get it from using code: myjourneykay for free shipping for whole Malaysia and Singapore. 

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Instagram: @eternelleintl


I like drinking collagen because it helps to make us beautiful from within. Recently I got very busy and kind of ignored myself. I got shocked when I looked at mirror one day and I realized I need collagen immediately. Right on time, I came across with this Sakura Collagen + by Vii Nutrition.

Sakura Collagen + is a botanical beverage mix roselle with collagen, sakura and yuzu extract. Its ingredients are Verisol, sakura extract, yuzu seed and roselle extract. This patented Verisol collagen peptide is tailor-made by Gelita, the world’s leading collagen manufacturer from Germany. Verisol has very unique features such as first collagen peptide in the market that utilizes a unique membrane coating technology to protect the collagen peptide as it passes through the stomach acid; have similar structure as the collagen in the dermis layer; collagen peptides are able to penetrate the dermis layer; and promotes regeneration of collagen and elastin for 192 hours - far exceeding the standard collagen peptide’s 8 hours.

Apart from Verisol, Sakura Collagen + contains patented sakura extract where fresh petals are meticulously hand-picked within the “golden seven days” of its bloom with rigorous extraction techniques for its essence. Its two main active ingredients are Caffeoyl Glucose and Quercetin Glucose which helps to stimulate such effects as stimulate higher secretion of collagen through our body dermal cells; stimulate higher absorption and production of collagen; protect cells against oxidative damage; an anti-glycation agent which inhibits melanin formation for skin whitening effect; and locks in skin moisture.

Meanwhile Japanese Yuzu extract helps to repair and activate cells, protecting stability of collagen. Roselle extract consists of a high number of antioxidants to help fight against free radical damage, slowing down ageing and restore skin elasticity.

All Vii Nutrition products are supported by Pro Nutri Technology (PNT) Research, Vii Nutrition’s sister company. PNT Research addresses physiological health problems through nutritional supplements identifying and assessing the level of risk of various nutrients and food to the human body, while constantly conducts a wide range of clinical studies in ensuring product stability, purity, potency, and efficacy. They have a cross-border collaboration, working closely with Fitoplancton Marino.

Vii Nutrition have established a long term, perpetual collaboration with Fitoplancton Marino – a world leading Spain-based company producing marine microalgae, securing exclusive rights to the unique and ground-breaking TetraSOD. It is the result of Fitoplancton Marino’s highly advanced technology in microalgae production and forms the core of Vii Nutrition’s MA+ product.

Fitoplancton Marino was found in 2002 and is the brainchild of two Marine Sciences graduates from the University of Cadiz – Carlos Unamunzaga and Lalia Mantecon de Marbella. The Spain based company started out in an advisory role aimed at improving processes microalgae productivity and quality and have since expanded the fields in which microalgae can thrive such as cosmetics, aquarium products and human food.

Today, Fitoplancton Marino – the first in its class to receive ISO 22000 and FSSC 22000 – is the world leader in marine microalgae production with regular collaborations with researchers from the Higher Council for Scientific Research (CSIC) and with laboratories in the US and Canada in new product developments.

The Science Team from PNT Research works closely with professors, medical doctors, scientists and researchers from University Putra Malaysia (UPM). Their leading research collaborates from UPM would be Professor Dr. Arbakariya bin Ariff (PhD in Bioprocess Engineering, University of Manchester Institute of Science and Technology, England) and Dr. Fadzlie Wong Faizal Wong (PhD in Biotechnology from Imperial College London, England).

Vii Nutrition has its own Inhouse Scientist & Nutritionist, Ms. Jass Kwa (Bachelor’s Degree in Food Science and Nutrition from University of Malaysia Sabah). Jass heads up efforts in analyzing raw ingredients effectiveness and quality used in product formulations. She screens and selects the source of unique and patented active ingredients, carrying out clinical studies on new products to ensure its stability, purity and potency as well as safety. An active member of the Nutrition Society of Malaysia, Jass has been involved in a plethora of roles ranging from Sport Nutrition Training in the National Sports Institute (ISN), sport’s education during the 2015 SEA Games in Singapore, and Bioelectric Impedance Research for Paralympic Athletes (Sport Nutrition Centre, National Sports Institute).


Sakura Collagen + also certified by many organisations and patented.  That’s why I am very confident in trying this collagen. As I expected, it really improved my skin condition. My skin looks glowy and more elastic. I feel hydrated too. I look fresher now. No more dull skin. I’m very happy with the outcome of Sakura Collagen +. It’s very easy to consume it. Just take 1 sachet daily. Mix it with 100ml of cold water, stir well and consume.

I’m sure many of you looking for a good collagen drink. Why don’t try this Sakura Collagen +? Lets give it a try and get your beautiful skin too.

For more info regarding Sakura Collagen +, please view these webpages:

Vii Nutrition website -

Sakura Collagen+ Instagram -

 Do you have these teeth problems such as stained teeth or bad breath or tartar or shy to smile? Then what you need is Whitekish! Whitekish is a magic charcoal for whitening, cleaning teeth and mouth. 

Whitekish is a product by RKay Empire HQ. It is made of active charcoal. This active charcoal is from the natural resources which is from coconut shell, without chemical ingredients that helps for whitening & cleaning teeth and mouth by absorbing bacteria and "food chemical" overall. 


Whitekish Magic Charcoal contains many benefits such as for teeth whitening; get rid of the bacteria which causes bad breath; effectively removes the coral in the toothpick especially for smoker; neutralizes pH of the mouth; no materials corrosive (peroxide); and effective as early as in 1 month of use.

It's very use to use Whitekish. Dip the charcoal powder with soft toothbrush and brush teeth and tongue slowly. Use it twice a day for a week and starting second week use it twice a week. 

I tried it for my teeth and noticed whiter teeth even after one use. So, now I am consistently using it because I am happy with the results.

Do you want to smile confidently like me? Then get your Whitekish immediately.

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Call / SMS / Whatsapp : 0178898878

 To some, coffee is more than just a drink. It is a form of gastronomical necessity that needs to be consumed daily. A morning without it may seem rather incomplete.


OLDTOWN White Coffee is all set to making the morning brighter than ever, especially for Malaysians that are currently working from home. The country’s largest halal-certified white coffee cafe chain brings attractive deals, exciting contests and games plus sumptuous coffee flavours online on its official store on Shopee, in conjunction with the e-commerce platform’s 11.11 Big Sale running now till 11 November.

Products like the OLDTOWN White Coffee Hazelnut RTD Can will go on Shocking Sale, its original price slashed to RM0.11 on 11 November from 12AM to 2AM! Exclusive 11.11 discounts also include up to 30% off on Malaysian favourites like the OLDTOWN White Coffee 3 in 1 Classic and the OLDTOWN  Nan Yang White KOPI O.


Adding to the excitement, from now till 11 December, we stand a chance to win weekly vouchers and exciting prizes when taking part in games. Shopee Mobile App users can play the Spin & Win game brought to us by the OLDTOWN White Coffee Shopee Flagship Store and win eye-catching voucher prizes worth up to RM50. All Shopee users earn one free token to spin every day. This token is refreshed at 12AM daily. Share the game to earn an extra chance to spin, with up to three extra chances per day! Shoppers can look for the Spin & Win game by scrolling to the ‘Shop’ tab when visiting the OLDTOWN White Coffee store on Shopee.

The OLDTOWN Kopi Catch meanwhile is a fun mini game where shoppers can race to collect the most coffee beans, caramel bits or hazelnuts within 30 seconds. The top 10 players with the highest cumulative points after four weeks will be taking home a RM50 Shopee voucher each!


OLDTOWN fans can also look forward to enjoying the deliciously dark and creamy, online exclusive OLDTOWN White Coffee Dark Roast which can be purchased on the brand’s Shopee store. Available in Original and Hazelnut variants, it is made from dark coffee beans roasted at high temperature; it is less acidic and sweet with a smoky bittersweet note at the first sip. Simply satisfying.

The OLDTOWN store on Shopee is home to an extensive list of flavours from the brand’s line of instant coffee and milk tea mix. This includes the rich OLDTOWN White Coffee Classic, the uniquely local OLDTOWN Milk Tea Teh Tarik and also the perfectly balanced OLDTOWN  Nan Yang White KOPI O.


For smoother checkouts throughout the campaign, users should top up their ShopeePay accounts so they do not miss OLDTOWN’s limited time deals or products in fast sellouts.  

Has it been mentioned that there is an Ultimate ASMR White Coffee Experience video by OLDTOWN on YouTube? Don’t worry, I will not spoil it for you if you have not seen it yet. Watch it here - You’re welcome!

Enjoy the The Perfect Sip Crafted by OLDTOWN White Coffee on Shopee by visiting