Another attempt to live healthy

Today brought lemon infused water to work. Morning sliced the lemons and put inside the bottle, pour water and brought to work. At work, I keep on refill the water when it finished. I stole that water bottle from my mother. Because its wide mouth, easy to put the lemons.

There are lot of benefits in drinking this lemon infused water. I will tell a few here:
1. A post workout drink
2. Alkalizes the body
3. Asthma treatment
4. Balances blood sugar levels
5. Balances pH levels
6. Brain food
7. Caffeine replacement
8. Detoxifies
9. Dissolves phlegm
10. Fights cancer cells
11. Heart food
12. Helps hydrate our lymphatic system
13. Helps treat constipation
14. Helps treat scurvy
15. Improves digestive health
16. Improves eyesight
17. Improves our immune system
18. Increases metabolism and promotes weight loss
19. Keeps our body hydrated
20. Kills worms
21. Lowers high blood pressure
22. Lowers stress levels
23. Prevents bad breath
24. Radiant skin
25. Reduces uric acid and inflammation
26. Kills free radicals
27. Treats kidney stones and prevent it
28. UTI prevention
29. Your liver will love it

So, do I have to tell more? Lets start drinking lemon water... ;)


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