Last week I went to watch Dilwale. I wanted a lot to watch this movie since I am a fan of Shah Rukh Khan and Kajol. So I went watch at Encorp Strand Mall. Nice cinema!

I bought Aunt Annie's Pretzel and went for movie. Aunt Annie's Pretzel is my favourite. So soft and nice..

Ok. About this movie...It was a nice movie but honestly speaking it was not up to my expectation. Because I have seen all SRK and Kajol movies. This was not like those movies. This movie did not make me cry. But overall it was nice. The romance scenes will make you wish you watch this movie with your spouse since I did not watch with mine.

SRK and Kajol acting was good as usual. They got more handsome and pretty with age. The songs and music were nice. Very nice actually. The song Janam Janam is my favourite. I downloaded it immediately after watched the movie. Try to set it as my ringtone but my ancient phone did not cooperate..huhu..

Anyway, I was happy with my movie day. I liked that movie. Now trying to watch Bajirao Mastani. Heard it is about love story between 2 different race people. Will update once I watch. Anyone please bring me....


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