Fried Instant Noodle ~ Maggi Goreng

I like to eat fried instant or what we call in our common language is maggi goreng.
So I decided to cook it for dinner. It is my own recipe and it turned out good. My brother requested me to cook for him again.

You can try it too. Its very easy. Can be done in few minutes just using whatever we have in our kitchen.

The ingredients are instant noodles 1 packet (i used maggie kari letup), 3 bird's eye red chillies (cili padi merah), 2 small red onion (sliced), 2 cloves of garlic (sliced), 1 spoon grinded chilli (cut into small pieces), 1 egg, few anchovies, few chicken sausages (i used cheese chicken cocktail sausage and sliced), 1 spoon soy sauce, cooking oil and 1/2 packet of maggie flavouring (perencah maggie).

First, add the noodles in a bowl and add boiling water. Leave it for like 3 minutes. Check to make sure the noodles are cooked. Not very soft or hard. And then, filter the water and put the noodles away but separate them from sticking to each other.

Then, heat the wok and heat up little bit of cooking oil. Then, fry the anchovies and sausages. After fried, keep them away in a bowl.

Then, in the remaining oil, garnish the onions and garlic together with the chillies. After they started to change slightly brown, add the grinded chilli and cook for a while. And the add the flavouring and then add the egg. Cook for a while.

Then, add the noodles and stir well. Add the soy sauce. Stir well again. Finally add the anchovies and sausages and stir well. Now, the noodles are ready to eat.

You can add salt to add taste if you want. Can add vegetables too like mustard. cabbage and carrot. I do not have vegetables i fridge that time. So did not add anything. Can eat with add lime juice too. But I do not like sour taste. I like it spicy. If you do not like spicy, you do not have to add bird's eye chillies.

Tadaaa... My noodles are ready to eat. Smells good and tastes good too..


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