Caramel Pudding ~ Easy Recipe

After the tiramisu last week, I was wondering what to do this week. Since I don't have proper kitchen and utensils, I could not try lot of items. I can try easy recipes only.

There I found this recipe for caramel pudding. Found this recipe from several websites and adjusted it to make it easier for me.

The ingredients are very easy to get. Can buy from grocery shop in front the also.

For caramel:
1. 2 scoop sugar
2. 1/4 cup water

For pudding:
1. 3 tbsp corn flour
2. 2 tbsp custard flour
3. 1 can evaporated milk
4. 1/2 can sweetened creamer
5. 3 1/2 cup water
6. 1 tsp vanilla essence
7. 10g jelly powder

First, prepare the caramel.. Pour the sugar in a pot and melt it under slow heat. Keep on stirring. When the sugar melted and turned into light brown colour, pour the water slowly and stir well. Careful when pour the sugar because it can splatter out. After that pour the caramel in the container you want to pour the pudding.

Don't overcook the caramel. It will taste bitter then.

Next is the pudding. Take a pot and put corn flour, custard flour and water. Mix them well and stir it.

After add water, it will turn yellowish.

 Then, pour that mixture into a pot and add the jelly powder in. Then, cook it in slow heat and keep on stir until it come to boil.

when the mixture is boiling..

When it is boiling, add the evaporated milk, sweetened creamer and vanilla essence. Cook it 5 minutes.

Then, filter it into the container which we already pour the caramel.

 Let it cool for a while and then keep inside freezer.

 It tastes so yummy when eat it chilled. Good luck trying!


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