Chinese New Year

My Chinese New Year 2016 celebration went happily as usual with my good friends. We are friends for 17 years since Form 1. After school, we went on our own paths and went to different countries. Loeny went to UK for study and then now doing her family business at Kota Kinabalu and travelling the world all the time. Kivi now married with a baby and working at Singapore and I am at Kuala Lumpur. We do not meet often or talk every day. But, when we meet its like we have never parted. Our bond still remains strong. They never fail to make me happy. I can dress how I want with them or I can tell them whatever things I did or my life status but they will never judge me. They are very protective of me and care about me. Such a precious friendship. I am blessed to have them in my life. Love them so much.


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