Kayren's Kitchen

After long time, I'm back at blogging. Was busy with a lot of stuffs. Hopefully I will write more after this.

Ok, about the entry now, it is my part time business I started recently. KAYREN'S KITCHEN.
It started all because of my love for cooking. I just love to cook . So, I always try new recipes and force my family and friends to eat and eat. After receiving compliments on my cooking and seeing my testers eating my cooking with so much excitement, I thought about opening this part time cooking business. By this, I can bring my cooking to more people and I can keep on cook more and more.

I was sharing my idea with my hardcore supporter. Actually I did not have plan to start up this business now. It was just a wish and an idea for future. But, due to the full support and encouragement from my supporter to start up now, Kayren's Kitchen created.

It started small for now. We cater homemade cookies, sweets and meals for small groups. Can contact me at 0149101495 to place your order. Thank you for your support guys.


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