Lata Kekabu Waterfall

Just want to share my experience about this unexpected trip to Lata Kekabu Waterfall. Last Sunday after breakfast, don't know where to go to spend time. So simply drove on this new road and after drove for some time saw a signboard about waterfall. Drove some more further saw this signboard showing Lata Kekabu.

Simply turned into there and kept driving. The road was small and no sign of humans. Got a bit worried but decided to continue drive since already came inside. After few minutes, saw humans and parking and big sign of Lata Kekabu Waterfall. Finally relieved that we found the waterfall.

Ok, if you want to go here, it is very easy. After exit from Kuala Kangsar toll exit, drive straight towards Gerik. After drive for some time you will see this Lata Kekabu signboard on your left. Turn inside on that small road and drive somemore further without giving up, you will see the waterfall.

After reached the waterfall, parked the car at the parking. When reached, only few cars were there. Still not many people know about this Lata Kekabu Waterfall. There was a signboard mentioning have to pay for parking but there was no sign of anyone collecting money.

Since did not bring any clothes to change unable to play in the waterfall. So just decided to walk around and see the waterfall and made decision to come early morning next time.

The waterfall was not very big but it was really clean. I forgot to save the pictures of waterfall I took. Only these four pics in my phone when I search for pictures. No sign of rubbish anywhere. Maybe less people coming here. Saw the camping bases. So, can stay there overnight and do camping I think. There were toilets, resting cottages, hanging bridges and etc. I also saw the trees all labelled there. And also saw monkeys, different kind of frogs and blue dragonfly.

Since cannot wet the clothes, just sat on the rocks and immerse the feet in the water. The water was very cold. And clean.. While sitting there with feet inside water, this blue dragonfly flew and sat on my toe. I tried to shake my toe but it kept sitting on my toe. Weird huh.. But the dragonfly was very beautiful blue colour.

After that, we left the place with a decision to will visit this waterfall again in future.


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