Spooky Halloween Ghost House Dinner

Yes!!.. It's that time of the year again! HALLOWEEN IS HERE!!
I am always excited about the Halloween even though I am a kind of scaredy cat. Pity those hands I will hold tightly while walking into the ghost house. But hey!..who wants to miss the excitement
and thrill of Halloween?

So, when I received the invitation for the Spooky Halloween Ghost Dinner at Avillion Admiral Cove, I immediately said Yes. I wouldn't want to miss it for the world.

So, the day came. 27th October 2018. I assembled with other guests at Avilion Admiral Cove Lobby at 6.30pm. The guests stood from all kind of groups from kids to elderly people and from local to foreigners. The event started with Haunted Jungle Walk. I need to tell you, the entrance to the Haunted Jungle really looked eerie. I braced myself and stepped in with all other guests.

The walk was creepy as expected with all the spooky noise and all the ghosts waiting for us along the way and the graveyards. The "deaths" were standing there silently and staring at us and the "pocongs" were hanging from the trees. I had to run and keep myself with the center of the group to avoid being left out alone in that Haunted Jungle.

After the walk, we were guided to the ghost house with a delicious Welcome Drink. It was very refreshing after the walk in the Haunted Jungle.

The ghost house welcomed us with scary aura. I walked in with much anticipation. It was a ghost house indeed. I felt like I walked into Adam's family's house.

The food was appealing. There were variety kind of items from starter, main courses, salads, desserts, fruits and savories. I tasted everything and it did not disappoint.

The dinner was accompanied with live band. The band was good actually. They played Michael Jackson's thriller video as well. I really enjoyed it. It was good to watch it again after so long.

After the dinner came the highlight of the night, Ghost Fire Show. It was awesome. They were really talented. I wonder how can they do it so flawlessly. I was spellbound and watched it excitedly.

The dinner continued after the Ghost Fire Show and I decided to call it a night. I enjoyed the Halloween night and went back with a contended heart.


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