Matcha Ice Cream @ Family Mart


I am a big fan of GREEN TEA!!... Yes, I can hear you saying “ughhhh”. But I really like it.

Everyday at office I will drink like two cups of green tea, without sugar and milk of course! And, any kind of chocolates, cakes or drinks with green tea, I will be the first one to try it.

Last week I went to dinner with my brother and sister in law at Klang. While waiting for the food, I saw the Family Mart near there and suggested to my brother in sister in law to go there after dinner.

We had our dinner and I was very full and then we went to the Family Mart. I was very full but I got excited when saw the food and drinks there. All looked very appetizing.

Then, my sister in law told me that near her house there is a Family Mart too and every night people will queue up for the Matcha Ice Cream. I am already a fan of Matcha and when my sister in law said that I wanted to try that ice cream no matter how full I was.

Matcha Ice Cream

And, as expected I bought that Matcha ice cream and it was RM 3.XX. It was really yummy. My brother and sister in law tried it but they did not like the bitter taste of the green tea. But, I liked it especially the cone of the ice cream. It was really tasty.

Together with that ice cream, I bought the Green Milk Tea in a bottle. I forgot to take the picture. Haiss…. But it was really delicious. Next time when I go Family Mart, it is a must buy for me.


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