A visit to The Shore Oceanarium @ Malacca River

Last Monday I went to visit The Shore Oceanarium at Malacca. We left in the morning after breakfast and reached at The Shore around 11.30am. There are plenty of parking available near the Shore.

We parked and walked inside The Shore. The Oceanarium is on the second floor of The Shore Shopping Gallery, in the heart of Malacca.

The entrance of the Oceanarium looked inviting for us to enter. The friendly staffs welcomed us in. The Oceanarium is divided into few sections.

We started our tour with Interactive Touch Pool. There were star fish, sea cucumber, sea urchin and even the bamboo shark. At first, I was scared to touch them. Afraid that they might bite me. But, once I touched them I noticed they are very friendly. It is the most touchable pool in Asia. It was an extraordinary interactive experience.

Then, there is a Magical Vacuum Aquarium. It is the first in the Malaysia. The water from the aquarium would not gush out from the outlet and we can insert out hands through the outlet.

Then we continued with Jungle Quest. There were reptiles, frogs, butterflies, insects and other small animals. The name and descriptions of each animals were displayed there for us to learn more about these animals.

Next, we reached the main part of the Oceanarium which is Ocean Journey. This section divided into four sub sections. First is the Oceanarium Theater. We watched a awesome 3D movie there titled A Turtle's Adventure. It is a 8 in 1 Cinema 3D Plus. The theater is upgraded with 8 in 1 special effects which are wind effect, rain effect, lightening, bubble effect, leg sweep, vibration chair, fog effect and scent effect. I felt like I was really travelling with that turtle in the ocean. The effects are so real. Better than some 3D movies in cinema actually.

Second is the Shark Quest. We saw white sharks swimming on top of us. It was such a beautiful sight. As though we are standing in the bottom of the ocean and watching sharks swimming above us.

Third is the Sea Shell Museum. There were varieties of sea shells displayed there. Fourth is the Marine Fishes and Coral Exhibit. I saw many kinds of marine fishes and corals there. It is a new experience for me.

Then, we went to the other part of the Oceanarium which is the River Story. I learned a lot about the river ecosystem from all the world. All kind of fish native species from all different river regions exhibited here. Some of the river regions are Indian River, Chinese Mountain Stream, Australian River, Lake Malawi and so on. The bigger subsection is about our own Malaysian River ecosystem. All these are new knowledge for me.

After that, we reached the Dangerous Marine Species. Here I found out that some of marine species which I found cute are very dangerous species actually. So beware people! Educate ourselves!

Then was the Living Fossil area. For me, this section was very special. Here the marine life creatures  such as Nautilus, Horseshoe Crab, Paddle Fish and etc whose ancestors first appeared on our planet millions years ago exhibited here. These are historical creatures that we must see. Their ancestors have defied the ravages of time and the environmental upheavals that drove other species to extinction.

Next, we went to the Fun & Freakish section. We saw some freakish creatures here like walking frogfish, boxfish, seahorse, pipe fish, jelly fish and so on. It was fun and cute actually. They amazed me.

Finally, we came to the Fish Feeding Frenzy Corner. There is a group of monster fish here. They are very beautiful. We can buy the fish food and feed them.

Other than these sections, there are lot of special corners prepared to take photo and video shoot in underwater AR scene. Some of them are manta ray, hammer shark, great white & group of marine creatures swimming around us which generated by the AR computer system in Augmented Reality Hall. There is also trick eye gallery backgrounds located at different areas in the Oceanarium for us to take good pictures.

On our way back there was this huge souvenir shop with variety of toys, key chains, fridge magnets and so on. The toys are very cute!!

Overall I enjoyed my visit to the Oceanarium. It was very educational visit for me and I had lot of fun there. So, what are you waiting for? It is a must visit award winning tourist attraction. This place opens daily!

Time: 10.30am - 9.00pm (daily)
(Ticketing close at 8.00pm)
Ticket price: RM 33.00 - Adults
                     RM 23.50 - Kids & Senior Citizens
Address: The Shore Oceanarium
                2F-01, The Shore Shopping Gallery,
                193, Pinggiran @ Sungai Melaka,
                Jalan Persisiran Bunga Raya,
                75100 Melaka Tengah, Melaka,
GPS coordinates: 2.2029'N, 102.2498'E
Tel. No: 06-2829966
Email: oceanariummelaka@gmail.com
Website: oceanariummelaka.com
Facebook: @oceanariummelaka



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