A Visit to the VRAR Interactive Park @ Malacca

Everyone's Monday will be blue most of the time.. But, my last Monday was great because I had the opportunity to go to VRAR Interactive Park. It just opened recently at The Shore Shopping Gallery at Malacca and it already started attracting a big crowd.

This VRAR Interactive Park is divided into seven exciting fun zones. We started with Kids VR Zone. It is for kids but we were allowed to try it for a while. But even though it is for kids, I really enjoyed it. It was like I am in the gaming world and play from inside there. It was just awesome!

Then, we proceeded to the Edutainment Painting Zone. It is where we can colour using our creativity on the panel and send it to the screen. It was so cool to watch our own creation inside the screen. 

From there, we moved to Dinosaur Augmented Reality Zone. Do you want to see T-Rex walking towards to you? Well, I know that we could not go to Jurassic World but we can see that here. Sounds awesome right! Tell me about it..hehe.

Next is the Interactive Fishing Zone. We did some fishing there but not in the typical way. yes, you have to experience it to know about it.

Then, we went to the Augmented Reality Interactive Zone. I am already a Fruit Ninja game fan. So, when I was given chance to slash the fruits with my hands, I was super excited and slashed them like crazy...haha. And also, I can change my head to all cute animals just by waving my hand. So Cute!

After that, we went to 3D EX Laser Cinema. We were given 3D glasses to enjoy the nice movie.

Finally  we reached the main attraction, the VR Cinema. It is the biggest in Malaysia with 30 seats. The cinema itself looked so cool. I sat on the cool seat and prepared myself to experience my first ever VR movie. I was mesmerized once the movie started. It was as though I am in the deep sea. I can rotate myself 360 degrees and watched the movie all around me. My unforgettable experience it is!

It was an awesome experience for me in that VRAR Interactive Park. I really enjoyed myself. I hope you guys also don't miss this opportunity and go experience it on your own. It is more than just immersive virtual reality experience. 

Time: 10.30am - 9.00pm
           (Last admission 8.00pm)
Ticket price: 
                     Combo Package (The Shore Oceanarium + VRAR Interactive Park)
                     Adults : RM 45.00
                     Kids : RM 36.00
Address: Level 2, The Shore Shopping Gallery,
               193, Pinggiran @ Sungai Melaka,
               Jalan Persisiran Bunga Raya,
               75100 Melaka Tengah, Melaka,
GPS Coordinates: 2.209'N, 102.2498'E


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