NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream

Lipstick is my best friend! I started to fall in love with lipsticks since past few years. Since then, I never go out without lipstick and there will be always few colours of lipsticks in my handbag and I will touch up  everytime I go to the washroom. That much craze I have for lipstick.

My favourite is matte lip cream. Most of my lipsticks collections are matte lip cream and I do have few other satin and glossy lipsticks. I have many colours of lipsticks and I can differentiate even a small change in the shade. So, I have many shades because I need different shade for different attire and event.

I just love NYX soft matte lip creams. I like matte lip creams because I don't like shiny or glossy lips. And, I find it lip creams are easier to apply or maybe I like the texture of lip creams compared to lipstick. Actually NYX is the first matte lip cream I bought. Since then, I have bought from other brands as well, but my favourite still remain as NYX soft matte lip cream. My initial love was reddish shades and then I little bit tried on pinkish shades and now my interest end up in brownish shades.

Few days back I was at IOI City Mall, Putrajaya to cover a launching event. After the event, I was waiting for my friend. While waiting I was walking past the shops there and then came in front NYX store. I tried to walk past but the lip creams screamed my name! So, I had to go inside.(Blamed it on my friend for coming late :-P)

I straight away started to scan the lip products and my eyes stopped at soft matte lip creams. Since my interest is on brownish shades now, I took three products (did not try the tester because I had red lip cream on my lips) and told the sales girl that I am taking all three. Luckily, one colour sold out. So, I bought the other two. They are Madrid and Berlin.

I tried them immediately once I reached home. I like Berlin. It is real brown and looks natural on my lips. My shade of nude I guess.

I did not like the Madrid. Because it was a common colour. A mixture of red and pink. And I already have this shade in my collection. I should not have bought it because the tester looked brick reddish but the one for sale is pink reddish. When I asked the sales girl, she said it is the same colour but new packaging. Ended up, it was not brick reddish as the tester.



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