The Famous Korean Spicy Chicken with Ramen Set @ Viora Cafe


I came across this Ramen accidentally on Instagram. And then I got curious because I am a big fan of ramen, I opened their page and scanned what they are doing. I need to tell you, all those pics looked very delicious. And the best part is, they do Cash on Delivery and it is at Rantau Panjang, nearer to my place.

So, I kept that in mind and decided to order when I go there. So as decided yesterday when I was here, I contacted them through whatsapp and ordered my food. I ordered for Set D which is Korean Spicy Chicken Set with Ramen. And for ramen, I chose spicy ramen. It costs RM15. After that only I found that minimum order is two sets. But, I am alone here and I still want to eat it. So I asked can I add Ala Carte instead of another set. They asked which item. I asked for snack plate. It consists of wedges and nuggets with cheese sauce and black pepper sauce. It costs RM12. They said ok.

I made the order before 12noon because on their instagram page they mentioned that for delivery at 1pm must order before 12noon. But, they said the delivery at 3pm only after friday prayers. I said ok since its friday and its already going to be 12noon.

Then, the food delivered around 3.20pm. When I collect the food only I noticed there is delivery charge RM7. I did not notice that in their instagram page. Maybe it is there but I did not notice.

Then, I excited opened my food. They all looked very yummy. I started with ramen. It is same with the Samyang Spicy Ramen. My favourite. Then, I tried their famous Spicy Korean Chicken. It was simply superb. It is kind of sweet and spicy and I really liked it. No wonder it is their famous menu.

Then, I tasted the snack plate. The wedges was good expecially when dipped with the cheese sauce. I really liked the cheese sauce. The black pepper sauce and nuggets are so so only. Actually I haven't finish the nuggets. They are still in the fridge. The amount was a lot.

Oh..Their food packing was really good. Packed in a container and not messy at all. Even for the sauces, they gave small containers. So, can eat them anywhere we want without messing up. But, they did not provide spoon or fork or chopsticks.

Overall, I liked the food. Total cost for my meal was RM34. So, obviously I cant eat this often because it is expensive for a single person. Maybe if shared the price will be affordable.

Viora Cafe
Address: No.16, Jalan Rantau Panjang, Klang.
Whatsapp No: 019-2646756
Open: Tuesday - Sunday (12pm - 10pm)
IG: vioraempire

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