Chemical Peel Treatment at Premier Clinic

Premier Clinic is located strategically in TTDI, Bangsar, Puchong, Mont Kiara & KL City Kuala Lumpur, providing a comprehensive range of non-surgical aesthetic procedures and advanced laser treatments.

Equipped with cutting edge procedures, technology and expert doctors with specialized knowledge in aesthetics, Premier Clinic provides top notch aesthetic services to their clients from both local and regional markets.

On 31st January, I had an appointment at Premier Clinic, Mont Kiara Branch. I went there for my acne and scar issues.  My acne got worsen since I back from overseas.

I  welcomed by friendly staffs there and immediately brought to meet Dr. Foo. I consulted my issues and concerns with Dr. Foo. Dr. Foo is a friendly person and he patiently listened to my issues and explained clearly what are treatments can be done for my issue. And, he suggested the best option for me which is chemical peel treatment. After listened to the clear explanation,  I agreed to proceed with chemical peel treatment.

Skin peel is an aesthetic procedure whereby a modified solutions are applied onto my face in several layers to remove the upper layers of skin, thereby revealing healthy new skin; removing pigmentation irregularities; reducing oily skin and acne.

First, my face was cleansed. And then, Dr. Foo started the treatment. It did not take long. It was done so quick and I hardly felt anything. No pain or irritation. Only fell little bit of tingling. Then, they proceed with LED photo therapy for 20 minutes. This LED photo therapy helps to soothe the skin and reduces the breakouts.

After the treatment, I was advised to wear sun screen for few days to avoid skin darkening and not to pick any breakouts because it can cause scar. The treatment ended well and I walked out happily.

This is my picture after 5 days of treatment. My skin looks clearer and less acne. I have a glow on my face now. Thank you, Premier Clinic! :)

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  1. Wah..after 5 days your face looks fresh and acne has been less..jadi treatment ni berjaya laa..

  2. The treatment looks good on you dear..your face look fresh and the important part is all the pimples will go away...i really hate pimples..i've done my treatment a few years ago with Premier Clinic and its really good.

  3. quite sometime saya x gi facial.
    busy with many things, not sure what :)
    this kind of treatment is very important for us at least once in 2 months.
    buang kulit yg mati.
    kemaskini rupa paras :)
    baru la kulit kita dpt bernafas dan elok.

  4. Nampak selesa je klinik ni. I pernah ke sini sekali buat rawatan carbon laser. Tapi masa tu kat Taman Tun Dr Ismail. I rasa sangat suka dengan layanan yang diberikan oleh Doktor pakar di sini.

  5. Wow 5 days only to see the effects hehehe we have heard about the clinic is indeed their service is good and the price can also stand hehehehe can not afford me ...

  6. Premier clinic is one of the well known aesthetics clinic. In 5 days you can see the results that is amazing

  7. This treatment appears to be really good for those who wanna feel and look better right? The outcome was really amazing and you look more radiantly youthful. :)

  8. It is kind of scary when it comes to skin peeling treatment. Well, at least for me. But having to see the result in 5 days is really amazing

  9. Wahhh i dont dare do chemical peeling. Worry if got side effect to my skin, hehe. But looks like so many people do chemical peeling treatment. That must be good for them

  10. You do look better. I bet it comes with more confidence as well. Hehe. But I'm just too scared to do any treatment with all the machine lol

  11. Wahh!! Look so different ya!! Nampak lebih flawless n glowing nie.. Nak try juga la..

  12. sometimes we need to go this place to know more about our skin right.look outside macam ok, tapi actually not..look interesting

  13. Wahh nampak betul-betul berbeza selepas 5 hari perawatan. Menakjubkan! Tapi sis ni risau sangat kalau bab-bab nak mengelupaskan kulit..takut sakit..:D