Why I will never visit Hong Kong again?

Even though I had a wonderful holiday at Hong Kong, I will never go to Hong Kong again. Because of the bad treatment I received at Hong Kong Airport once arrived there.

Yes, I went there with so much excitement.  But, once I arrived the treatment I received at airport was terrible. I was treated like a terrorist.

First when I came out from the plane itself, a Hong Kong guy who dressed in plain clothes blocked my way and stopped me. He did not stop anyone else. He only stopped once he saw me. First, I did not want to stop because I thought he is some random guy. Then, he showed some identity card and stopped me. After that, he asked me all kind of questions which not related to my travel also. He was like interrogate me. I got very hurt with that.

After that, I went to the customs. I forgot to ask my friend the address of the hotel. So, I don’t have any address to write in the form but it is compulsory. There was some problem with my phone so I was unable to connect to wifi or use roaming to contact my friend. So, I asked a local lady’s help. But, she was very rude and did not want to help me as though I am smuggling myself into Hong Kong. Her spouse decided to help me after saw my sad and disappointed and helpless face. May god bless him.

After cleared the customs, I walked towards the exit. Again two officers stopped me. There were so many passengers walking out to the exit but the officers only stopped me and scanned me and my luggages and asked all kind of questions again.

This is it!! I had enough of it. I will never ever go to Hong Kong. I have been to so many countries but I have never been treated like this. This is the first time such a terrible experience. So I am not going back there again. (After came out, I was crying for more than an hour because of treated badly like this)

Mong Kok Street, Hong Kong


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