Cranky Mornings

Good morning everybody!

I can be very cranky some of the mornings. My mood will be so bad and I will feel very demotivated. After many years, I found reasons for my crankiness.

1. Good breakfast
I realised when I eat good breakfast and if it my favourite somemore, my mood will be good. And, if I did not get to eat anything or if my breakfast is bad, my mood will be very bad. My crankiness will start to show.

2. Good texts/calls from nice people
The morning will be cheerful when we we receive sweet texts or calls from anyone special. All the crankiness will vanish and the mood will be lifted up immediately. I will be cheerful and start doing my works with full spirit. But, if I text or call and I did not get any proper response from them, my crankiness will be multiplied.

3.  Wake up early
I realised I will start my day in a good mood if I managed to wake up early and have enough time to get ready to work in my slow pace. I will have more time to dress up properly and make myself look good. But if I wake up late, I will be very rushing and I would not have time to get ready properly and will look shabby in the morning. It will spoil my mood. So looking good improves my mood actually.

These are the three main things affecting my mood in the morning. Other factors are on off only. But these things happen on daily basis. Since I know the reasons, I am working on myself and trying to feel good in the morning. Because how I feel in the morning will carry forward for the whole day actually.

 Have a cheerful good morning everyone!!


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