A Beautiful Life - Prakash Daniel Gets Personal in His Latest Stand-up Comedy Special

From an ardent comedy fan, Prakash Daniel has developed into one of Malaysia’s most entertaining stand-up comedy acts. Now, he takes to the stage with his 1st stand-up comedy special, ‘BEAUTIFUL’, a tell-all show about his life. It’s a closer look at the man behind the mic, from his family, career to love, and everything in between.

With ‘BEAUTIFUL’ Prakash aims to do more than just make audiences laugh, also to present a unique comedy experience, by infusing visual and musical elements that will make it a fun and entertaining experience. Fans can catch the show at PJ Live Arts on the 14th of September at 8:00pm.

 “Comedy is best when it is honest. ‘BEAUTIFUL’ draws from my life and all the ups and downs that I’ve gone through. It is a show where I share my most personal and relatable moments, and invite the audience to laugh with me at the high and low points,” said Prakash.

Prakash’s comedy career began in 2012, and since then, he has performed at top notch events such as Comedy Central’s “Stand Up Asia” in 2017, and the Melbourne International Comedy Festival. With all the success that he has achieved, ‘BEAUTIFUL’ is the next step in the comic’s evolution.

“This is the start of a new chapter in my career, some may even call it a natural progression. The Malaysian comedy scene is continuing to grow, in fact we are at the beginning of its golden era. Local comics are being featured on international streaming sites such as Netflix, selling out shows across Asia, and its time for me to join the party,” adds Prakash.

From the stage to the content, everything is based on Prakash’s life, minus the Tabla player and the disco ball, with even the stage being a rendering of Prakash’s parents’ living room.

“I want to invite audiences into my home, and since we cannot fit 450 people into my living room, we are bringing my living room to them. The backdrop to my show will include the best things from my childh.ood, and I’m sure it will take people back. Taking from one my favourite movies, ‘Back to the Future’, my show is a DeLorean that will take you on a nostalgic and ultimately funny adventure, adds Prakash.

Organisers Goodtimes Ticketing Sdn Bhd, are excited about this show as it is their first time working with a local comic, and one whom they have been wanting to for a long time.

“Prakash is on the funniest comedians in Malaysia and connects with the audience like no other. Audiences are in for a treat! As a one-hour show of just Prakash Daniel, is an hour filled to the brim with laughs,” said Vinodh Menon, CEO of Goodtimes Ticketing Sdn Bhd.

Tickets are on sale now, with Tier 1 and Tier 2 tickets priced at RM 64 and RM 54 per ticket. Enjoy the Couples Promo with 2 Tier 1 and 2 Tier 2 tickets priced at RM 108 and RM 87 respectively. So, head on over to https://beautiful.peatix.com/ and reserve your seat at the show.

For more info, can contact Goodtimes Ticketing Sdn Bhd.
Address: DG1-30-9, Desa Green Service Apartment, Jalan Desa Bakti,
               Taman Desa, 58100 Kuala Lumpur, Wilayah Persekutuan.
Email: vinodh@mygoodtimes.asia
Mobile: +6012 702  2502


  1. For me kan i kagum tengok orang yang boleh buat stand-up comedy ni. Bukan mudah tau nak buat lawak then nak bagi orang gelak. Kalau i la, mesti krik krik krik je.. hehe.. Anyway, all the best to Prakash Daniel. Hopefully one day i dapat tengok persembahan beliau

  2. One's life could provide entertainment, if we look at it differently.
    That's how we cope with our daily miseries, if we choose to move forward.

    1. yes agree with you. but it is nice to watch the standup comedies once in a while too. the comedians are really talented.

  3. Satu informasi yang baru bagi Naim. Terima kasih.

  4. I honestly believe that not everyone can do stand up comedy. U just stand there and talk but being entertaining. Some could be lame joke. Prakash must be very good else he wont be performing at awesome events!

  5. Many this kind of show nowadays. It's really a great place to chill out and get entertain to unwind ourself from work stress.

  6. ohh saya suka dia ni ...memang best dan lucu ...saya pernah tengok show dia dekat TJF ...dia sangat entertaining ....

  7. Kurang kenal sangat komedian Indian di Malaysian ini tapi it bagus kerana ada perkembangan baru yang membuka lebih banyak ruang pada semua orang untuk berkarya mungkin satu hari kita akan pergi tengok persembahan beliau.

  8. First time I heard about him. Prakash Daniel is a stand up comedian . It was great to know about him. Great performance ofcourse!

  9. Its great to have a stand-up comedian to cheers us all. Im not a big fan of stand-up comedy but i love funny contents. All the best to Prakash

  10. saya kurang tahu sangat pasal komedi indian ni. sebab tak rajin follow.
    bagus ada perkongsian macam ni. yang tak tahu mcm sy ni jdi boleh tahu..

  11. Bukan senang nak buat komedi sebegini, mereka memerlukan bakat yg benar-benar boleh buat orang ketawa. Saya memang salute org yang boleh buat standup komedi mcm ni.

  12. Tak semua orang ada keyakinan nak jadi comedian. Hanya mereka yang benar-benar berpengalaman dan tahu yang mampu buat orang ketawa. Kalau eizalah...krik krik ajelah.

  13. Everyone needs a good laugh once in while, I'm a fan of stand-up comedian but it's my first time ehairng about him, will search for some videos before I decide.

  14. i love watching stand up comedy. they are always the best. no censored no filtered no nothing. i love how sincere they speak their minds out. i would love to watch if i have the chance.

  15. Tak pernah tgk performance beliau lg.. Tapi mmg kagum pd yg boleh buat stand up comedy.. Kalu ada peluang n masa sure AM turun nak tgk performance dia nnti

  16. to be honest, i never watch a stand-up comedy show.
    but i really want to someday!
    maybe i can ask friends to go together with me to this show!

  17. Wow i heard about him but have not go to watch his live show yet. Will check out more details about it, thanks for the info.

  18. Standup comedian ni seronok tengok kalau dapat yang jenis kelakar sampai tak boleh bernafas tu. Hehehe. Dah lama Tak tengok live standup comedian. Omaigod rindunya. Hopefully boleh join this one. Cuma PJ Live Arts tu jauh. Wuwuwuwu.