EmrysHome & Flexwarm Mentstrual Pain Relief Heating Belt - A Girl's Best Friend

My most hated days every month are the days I have my period on. I suffer a lot during this period because of period pain and survive with painkillers and warm water bottle.

 I know painkillers are not good for body but I don’t have any other choice to function on those days.
Apart from painkiller, each time I am overwhelmed with sorrow, I use a warm water bag to do hot compress in order to slightly reduce the pain. However, each time it doesn’t take long for the warm water bag to cool down.

So, if there are any other better options that will help me to ease my period pain, I would not hesitate to give a try with a hope that it will take away my pain. While I was searching for a good product to help with me with this, I came across this menstrual pain relief heat belt by Emerys Home & Flexwarm.

This is a uterus warming belt which can heat up by far-infrared intelligently. This secure technology can relieve dysmenorrhea, cold hands and feet, back ache, paramenia and irascibility caused by uterine deficiency cold patter.  It’s been certified by BMJ, a professional medical publication under the British Medical Association and it’s been shown to be as effective as taking a painkiller.
After tried on this heat belt, I need to say I am really impressed with this heat belt. It was the best remedy for my menstrual pain. It relieves my pain and keeps me happy. This far-infrared heating technology promotes metabolism, warm intestines and stomach. Furthermore, it cares my lower abdomen and improves circulation system.

It is very easy to use this heat belt. I just need to put it on my stomach, press the button and it will heat continuously within five seconds. Also, it doesn’t need to be plugged in power.  I use it anytime and anywhere whether I am working, going out or having rest at home especially when I am having my period pain and hard to straight up with weak body. I no longer have to drag my tired body to heat up water, even I can paralyze in bed all the time!

It is made of high-end lycra fabric and nano composite material. It is super thin and soft feeling with no feeling of encumbrance.  The interesting fact is it is only weighs 108g and it is lighter than iPhone7 which weighs 138g. So, when I wear the belt I don’t feel any weight on body and I can move freely.

Lycra is a fabric which is comfortable, soft and can also prevent allergy. It can be washed and folded arbitrarily and place everywhere without the annoying wires. Its ultra-low resistance control material can isolate leakage. It has three-level temperature regulation that can integrate heat and temperature control. In the past, when I use warm water bottle which is unable to control the temperature, I faced lot of issues with that such as when filling hot water, the temperature is too high, if accidentally not tighten the lid, it was very easy to burn myself. When the temperature is too low, I have to change the water frequently. So, it is very comfortable and convenient for me to use this heat belt because I don’t have to face all these issues.

This heat belt should be equipped with a compact and energy saving charger which is make up with polymer ion battery. It saves 5% more energy than ordinary battery and the power can supply up to six hours. So, it is always warm and ready to be used.  Moreover, the battery is 5V voltage output, below the human body safety voltage 24V, so no need to worry about electric shock.
As a conclusion, this is my life saver during my painful days every month. Now I no more have dread about period because I have the EmrysHome & Flexwarm menstrual cramp warming belt with me. This is one product every girl should have!

For discount price, please use my referral code: KK18 when you buy this menstrual pain relief heat belt!

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  1. wow !! i memang memerlukan warm pack macam ni.. time period, memang tak tahan sangat.. thanx untuk promocode tu.. nanti kena try brand ni pula 😊

  2. yes all women need this! though im not always have that period pain problem but sometimes yess, i did also felt pain in that particular area hahaha so i just take a bottle of hot water n press it there. aiyoo better to get this belt!!

  3. Oh, first time hearing this product. I guess I can suggest this if any of my girl relatives or friends ever had this kind of problem. It looks really helpful and convenient at the same time!

  4. ohh sorry to hear u have such really bad menstrual pain, that’s definitely are not great to face each month right! anyway, this belt item seems great and good to hear that it works well too!

  5. I know a lot of young women will be grateful for this sharing.
    Be well and be safe ok.
    And it is accessible for everyone too. It is much better than holding the hot water bottle.

  6. eh tak sangka ada warm pack untuk melegakan period pain...selalu juga kena senggugut,mesti lega kalau ada warm pack ni kan....bolehla guna kod tu nanti

  7. macam2 benda ada sekarang yang bagus untuk di gunakan ketika waktu period...go sharing..mesti siapa yang ada masalah senggugut bole gunakan dengan selesa

  8. wahhh bagus ni..boleh belikan untuk my daughter. at least kalau dia sakit perut (period pain) bolehlah atasi masalahnya dengan segera. Suka sebab ianya kompak dan senang nak bawa ke mana sahaja.

  9. wow this is new! The menstruating heat belt looks cute with floral printed, totally cute and looks super comfy for us women to do daily chores and activity outside.

  10. Wahhh bagus ya ada tali pinggang macam ni. Tak payah dah nak ambik botol air panas kalau datang sakit. Terima kasih kongsi promo kod, bolehlah sis cuba nanti

  11. Bagus la ada produk cenggini.. AM pun ada masalah yg sama.. Kadang2 sakit sampai xleh nak gerak mana2.. Leh la AM terjah cari n beli nnti.

  12. Mouse mommy also using this Emryshome Flexwarm to warm my lower abdomen and back region especially during menstrual pain and backache time. Love the warm heat immediately to release my pain and tense muscle.

  13. Senangnya ada belt camni. Boleh memudahkan kita nak berbaring sambil tahan sakit. Hahaha. Saya ada yang tempat tuam masuk air panas aje. Kena bangun tukar air pun kadang tak larat. Huhuhu

  14. wahhh ini satu produk yang bagus utk masalah cramp pada perut ketika datang bulan. okay boleh recommend produk nie pd kawan2 nanti

  15. Nampak menarik dan bagus ya produk ni. Nanti nak usha la