My glowing skin with Kiseki Japan Marine Collagen Facial Cleanser

I am a blogger writing about a lot of skincare every month. My principle is to use at least a week before writing about it. This article, I am happy to introduce Kiseki Japan Marine Collagen Facial cleanser to you which is a Malaysia homegrown brand, but fully imported from Japan, approved and certified by Japan and Ministry of Health Malaysia.

Kiseki Japan has one product for men and women each. Both are marine collagen facial cleanser having the same ingredients. The only different is the ingredients’ percentages are different. So, I guess for those who is sharing skincare with your partner, you can choose a milder one which is for women. I think the ingredients is very unique as well, the collagen is extracted from Tilapia’s fish scale, mixing it with royal jelly, 10 types of rare flowers and herb extracts.

 Effects of Kiseki Japan Marine Collagen Facial Cleanser?

It has ultra fine molecules from marine collagen that penetrates the skin multi-layer pathways and prepares the skin for hydration. It also removes dirt and excessive oil in pores and keeps pores unclogged and clean. This 100% Japan made product effectively exfoliates the skin. And, the royal jelly keeps skin cells young, alive and protected.

 I love the founder’s belief!

Kiseki means miracle in Japanese. Cecil Beh, founder of Kiseki Japan is a woman who believes that woman should be more active in professional workspace and business, communicates and appears confidently. She approaches life with a clean and radiant outlook and aims to share and showcase positive energy to the surrounding. 

‘ Kiseki Japan believes that our DNA does not limit our achievement in life, but everything is within our control and efforts. Appearance takes a big part to present ourselves to others and they uses Mother Nature best ingredients to bring out the best in us. They believe that healthier skin leads to a more confident and successful life’.

My experience with the amazing face wash!

Before I started using it, I was told that Kiseki Japan Marine Collagen Facial Cleanser is very beneficial for those with oily and combination skin type, dull and dark skin, skin has problem to absorb skincare, always stays in air-conditioned room and acne and blackhead skin. Also, it is the best collagen face wash for tropical country. And, I have all these issues on my skin. I decided to give a try and see the results on my skin.

After have been using it ONLY for a week, I managed to see some effects on my skin. I noticed that other skincare absorbed with ease and skin became hydrated and not so oily. My skin also became clearer and brighter. The best part is, I feel refreshing, clean and clear after wash. And, my makeup looks nicer and last longer on my skin throughout the day. I think this is the simplest brightening and moisturizing skincare solution.

It is very easy to use this Kiseki Japan Marine Collagen Facial Cleanser. Just use the foam net (include in the package) to create a creamy foam. Wash face with upwards and outwards motions with the foam. Rinse with lukewarm water. Next, tap dry with clean towel. Finally, apply sufficient hydration skincare to allow your skin to absorb more. I found out that my skin absorbs my skincare so much better and Kiseki Japan also suggests applying as much as our skin can absorb. So, be generous to your skin.

During washing with the Marine Collagen Facial Cleanser

After washed with the Marine Collagen Facial Cleanser. Can see the glow and freshness on my face.

Now with the Mother’s Day season, we can gift this THE FIRST MARINE COLLAGEN FACIAL CLEANSER IN MALAYSIA to our loving mothers. I guess this will be the best present for our mothers to wish her stay young forever. For FREE SHIPPING + discount, please use this promo code: MYJOURNEYKAY. The retail price is RM139 but for mother’s day promotion, can use my promo code to purchase it for RM119.

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  1. wow, nice thanks for sharing info

  2. I love the glow! I really love product that can show instant results like this. You skin looks nice maybe I should try this brand too

  3. This is the first time I heard about this brand. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Bab penjagaan muka ni mEmang kena dititikberatkan,kan. Kena pilih produk yang betul betul sesuai.
    Yang ni dari estrak ikan tilapia ye. Baru tahu..

  5. This is the first time I hear about the brand.
    It is nice to see that it has great effect on you.
    And to have discounts for Mother's Day is even greater.
    Thanks for sharing about the product.

  6. wahhhhh marine collagen japan, nampak macam satu produk yang bagus utk kulit je nie. collagen mmg sangat diperlukan tambah2 bila dah meningkat usia nie. nanti nak cuba lah produk nie

  7. Wow looks interesting and good soap. Muka i breakout sekarang ni, so memang i nak cari soap yang boleh atasi masalah yang i hadapi sekarang ni. Kalau mudah absorb ni bagus juga untuk di cuba

  8. Just knowing about this product and brand. I believe it suits your skin very well.

    Thanks for sharing

  9. wah sabun dari japan..nampak menarikla..kalau product dari sana..mesti bagus ni..berkualiti..tengok muka you pun bersih bila dicuci dengan sabun ni

  10. Familiar pulak dengan nama kiseki japan ni , rasa pernah tengok di ig hehe macam best je ,

  11. Usia dah semakin meningkat nie, mmg dok cari produk berasaskan collagen nie.. AM nak cuba la nnti juga.. Nak glowing cam ur skin..

  12. First time sis dengar pasal produk ni. Not bad jugak ya effect dia selepas pakai. Produk Jepun ni memang bagus sis dengar. Boleh lah nanti sis cuba juga produk ni

  13. wahhhhh! i noticed about this soap already before this! OMG! Look dewy after u try this soap! The price very afordable for those yang mencari jenis soap marine colagen ni :D