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Recently I started to get severe acne until I feel embarrassed to go out or take pictures. Those who have acne will understand the suffering. I have tried many treatments and supplements and nothing seem effective. One day, my cousin who is a doctor said I should take more Vitamin C and water to cure it. Then, I was thinking how to take Vitamin C because I am lazy to eat fruits and don't like to take tablets. And, I always forget to drink water so if take tablets also it won't be fully effective because no hydrolization.

That is the time I came across this JeanC 30 days skin challenge. I got curious about this JeanC hydrolyzed collagen and did some research on it. JeanC collagen is made of 3000mg marine collagen peptides and is high in antioxidants using Vitamin C, Vitamin E, astaxanthin and superfood extracts...hmm....sounds interesting and it made curious to know more on how it can help my condition.

Firstly, collagen is 75-80% of the skin and after age 25, our body produces less collagen which results in wrinkles, fine lines and dry skin. Sadly, I am already above 25. And this JeanC are made of collagen peptides which are cold soluble, easily digestible and highly bioactive form of collagen. Peptide particles are smaller than non-peptide form, so peptides are easier to be absorbed by body.  The benefits of collagen peptides are improve skin moisture & firmness, improve nail & hair health, improve bone health, improve joint health and improve gut health.

Anti-oxidants protect our cells from damage caused by free radicals which can damage body cells and DNA as well as contributing to the aging process. I am exposed to more free radicals danger because of stress and excessive exposure to sun. So, this anti-oxidants repair dull skin & uneven skin tone, repair from sun damage (shield free radical), anti inflammation (control acne), reduce wrinkles and minimize scar.

In a simple way, each serving of this JeanC collagen drink contains 3000mg of Marine collagen peptides, 100mg of Vitamin C and 10mg of AstaReal Astaxanthin. The full ingredients are Grape Juice Premix Powder, Collagen Peptides( Fish), Isomaltulose, Vitamin C, Vitamin E, Amla Extract, Acai Extract, Baobab Fruit Pulp Powder, Sucralose, Lingonberry Extract and Astaxanthin. So, I was told that in 4 weeks I can get ready for moist skin, firmer skin, thicker hair and stronger nails. This sounds like a good deal because I am in desperate need of all this and I can get moist firmer skin for only RM3 a day!

So now I am allready for this 30 days challenge. Bring it on JeanC hydrolized collagen drink!
Will keep you guys updated about my challenge.

You all also can try this JeanC Hydrolyzed Collagen Drink together with me. Buy yours now from this link:

By the way, JeanC 30days hydrolized collagen drink + astaxanthin is a Malaysian product that is Halal with GMP & Mesti. This product is gluten free and GMO free. But, if you are on medication, nursing or pregnant, kindly consult a health professional before use and it is also not suitable for those with seafood allergy.

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