Acne K-Light Treatment at Estetika Medispa

Estetika Medispa is a well known beauty centre in Malaysia. It is established in 2015 by Dr Haq Ab Wasa. It is a Malaysian homegrown brand that has helped many to achieve healthy and beautiful skin. They specially craft solutions and treatments that will address our skin concerns and problems. They have many branches all over Malaysia. Recently they opened their new branch at TTDI. It is the first halal premium spa in TTDI. Since I love to treat my face, I decided to go try their treatment.

The new branch looks very classy and elegant. I really liked their interior. I was invited in warmly by their staffs and asked to fill up the form. Soon I was called in for consultation. They scanned my face to find the concern on my face and to suggest the most suitable treatment for my face. They have high technology equipment to scan until finer details of the face. After the scan, we found that my skin is very oily so they suggested me to do Acne K-Light to kill all the acne from inside. They explained well about the treatment and downtime before proceed.

Then, I was brought to the treatment room. My beautician was a very experienced girl and she provide a very good service for me. She explained well each step of the treatment and always made sure that I am comfortable throughout the treatment. She started with double cleansing and then followed by extraction, Acne K-Light, acne serum and then mask. Oh...she also gave me a very good massage for my face to better blood flow. 

After the treatment, I was given warm tea to relax. I am really satisfied and happy with my treatment there and will go again to get more treatments. The few days after the treatment I went for dinner with my friend. My friend who hardly compliments about me suddenly complimented and said my face looks better now after the treatment and really can see changes on my face. I was over the moon...hahaha

Before Treatment

After Treatment

I'm sure all of you also wants to get this experience like me. So here are the details to contact them:
Location: Estetika Medispa Taman Tun Dr Ismail (Next to Mcdonald's TTDI)
                4a. Jalan Tun Mohd Fuad 2,
                Taman Tun Dr Ismail,
                60000 Kuala Lumpur
Contact Number: 017-949 9047
Opening hours : 10am - 7pm (Everyday)


  1. Seronok sangat kalau dapat buat treatment macam ni...especially kalau dapat service pun terbaik dari mereka yang memang pakar dalam bidang ni! - Blog Sofinahlamudindotcom

  2. wowww u looked good after the treatment... hmm i think i need to get myself a me time here too...just to relax and have facial..

  3. Best kan sekali sekala manjakan kulit muka kita nie.. Die pun nak dibelai2..lama da xg buat treatment..

  4. My daughter ada pimples. Nanti boleh bawa dia utk cuba rawatan kat sini