Delicious Dinner at Hud Cafe, Sri Hartamas

It's been sometime since I have been to an Arabic Restaurant. Recently I heard of this Hud Cafe at Sri Hartamas by Ahmed Mahmoud from Qatar. It has been favourites among Sri Hartamas expatriates and locals especially for small events. Their emphasis is on the dining and outdoor catering, with special added emphasis on the bridging of imported spices and the use of local ingredients for the creation of their culinary treats.

From 20th February onwards they started offering new menu which consists of Arabic, Western, Mexican cuisine and exciting new additional beverages. Other additions to the menu includes mini catering packages as low as RM10/pax. That's a very good deal right.. So I decided to give a try and checked out the reviews. Since the reviews all good, I went for dinner there two days back.

I went there around 8pm and not to worry there are lot of parking right in front of the restaurant. The interior of the restaurant also very nice. The 120 pax spaces has a relaxing ambiance, with basic tables and chairs, with an elevated area outside for more tables plus small meeting spaces on first floor. 

The waiters invited me warmly and provided me with menu. When I was unable to decide, they gave their suggestions on their must have and explained everything on their menu. Then I ordered Arabic Mezza Platter and Mushroom Soup for appetizer, Sizzling Chicken Fajita and Lamb Mandi for Main and Chocolate Milk Shake, Iced Lemon Tea Bubble Tea and Virgin Mojito for drink.

The hot food and cold drinks I ordered arrived shortly. I must tell this here, the food was really yummy. Even though my stomach capacity is small, I finished the whole food because the food was really delicious. Thanks to Hud Cafe's chef who really does a phenomenal job at creating unique dishes and the opportunity to give us a chance to taste the passion put into the dishes. 

Overall the food was really satisfying and the price was affordable too. This is the best place to dine when we want casual food, without the pressure of dining to match. They understand the taste buds of fellow diners, through and through!

So, those who want to experience the many flavours offered on their menu, don't wait anymore. For more information regarding the cafe and the launch of their new menu please visit

Address: Ground Floor, P-02B, Hartamas Shopping Center, 
                Jalan Sri Hartamas 1, 50480 Kuala Lumpur
Phone Number: 03-62064054


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