Pico Laser Treatment at Cleo Clinic

Hi everyone... How's it going with MCO? Please stay home and stay safe!

As you all know, I'm still following with my treatment for acne scars at Cleo Clinic. In this post, I want to explain about my third treatment there. My third treatment was Pico Laser. I went for this pico laser before MCO started but now only writing about it because I wanted to wait for MCO over first but it is extended.

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For third treatment, Dr.Tan did Pico Laser for me. Pico laser is a non-ablative laser that is mainly used for pigmentation removal, acne sacrs, skin rejuvenation and brightening. So, Dr.Tan recommended to do pico laser for me for my acne scars. This procedure took about 10-15 minutes only. I did not feel any pain at all throughout the procedure. Dr.Tan even did the pico laser on my lips to reduce the pigmentation and make it brighter. She really puts extra effort on her patients and suggest the best treatments for everyone's concern and do the procedure very carefully.

The whole process was so smooth because I made appointment earlier and the staffs at Cleo Clinic will remind before the treatment and change appointment conveniently for me if I couldn't make it. During the treatment also, they will treat us nicely and explain about the procedure well.

The result of this pico laser also awesome. I can see the effects immediately. My scars diminished a lot, pigmentation reduced, skin looked glowy and brighter. My lips also looked pinkish and sexy until my friends asked did I get botox on my lips...lol

I have prepared a short video of the whole procedure of pico laser. Watch it to get clear idea on pico laser treatment.

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  1. thank your for sharing your updates

  2. bila dh musim PKP ..any treatemnt pn kena hold kan...result you share berkenaan pico laser yang you buat nampak hasilnya yg bagus.....tq for sharing your experience

  3. rindu nyer nak facial muka di spa.
    tgk video u and paparan u di sini, tambah rinduuuu!
    ntah bila boleh santai-santai manja kan kulit muka ni lagi...
    penting rawatan sebegini utk kulit muka.
    pembersihan nyer sgt rapi, kan :)

  4. i would love to try this treatment to remove the pigmentation. treatment ni tak sakit kan? nak cuba tapi tak berani ;)

  5. laser ni memang bagus untuk cepat hilangkan parut, nice sharing. thanks

  6. Wow!!!!!! Your skin looks shiny. Must be a good package eh. Thank you for sharing your review.

  7. Woww.. Makin cntik kulit you buat rawatan dekat sink. Ada kawn buat rawatan dekat sininjuga. Macam best je. .

  8. So those who have the same problem should try this treatment. Guess the cost must reqch four figure right?

  9. Nampak bagus treatment ni, anak Sis masih ada lagi bekas jerawatnya, now memnag ada amik trestment macam ni, boleh gak nanti Sis bandingkan mana yang ookay, kalau ookay boleh cuba nanti..

  10. This is cool... I am also thinking about doing some treatment in view of the acne scar that I am currently facing... yeah, it all started due to wanna follow suit others in utilizing some skincare routine without realizing that I have a sensitive skin and poooffff, there came a group of acne... hehehehe... thanks for sharing this information ya...

  11. Nice laser treatment. I can see the output memang boleh nampak beza. I takde pengalaman macam ni, thanks for sharing ya

  12. i dah lama nak buat treatment ni..macam menarik...sebab ada bekas2 jerawat yang sukar dihilangkan