Yummylicious Meal by Red Penguin

Last weekend I went to my brother's house for lunch. Since we all want to eat different variety, we decided to order food delivery. Our choice was Red Penguin Restaurant. Unique name huh...

Red Penguin is an Asian Fusion Restaurant located at Taman Tun Dr Ismail. They have variety of menu such as briyani, burger, pasta, western, wrap, vegetarian, Asian D'Lites, fresh juice and etc. Red Penguin is designed to provide premium quality food. For food delivery service, click on the Shop Now! Choose your meal! Decide delivery time! Pay online & relax. Food will be delivered to our door step, it's as easy as that. Red Penguin is open for dine in for those around the vicinity too. For dine in, contact Red Penguin to ensure tables are available or reservations due to social distancing causing limited space.

We ordered Kashmri Briyani - Tiger Prawn Masala, Western Fusion - Sanders Grilled Chicken with Potato Mash, Asian D'lites - Sweet Fish with Garlic Butter with White Rice, Mushroom Soup, Salad, Mango Juice and Watermelon Juice.

Since we were really hungry, we immediately dug in once the food arrived. My favourite was Kashmri Briyani - Tiger Prawn Masala. It was simply delicious. The masala and taste was rich with enough spicyness and we all liked it very much. Really recommended item to try at Penguin. The funny thing was my 6 months old niece also started salivating looking at the briyani...haha

Western Fusion - Sanders Grilled Chicken with Potato Mas was yummy too. It was given together with grilled vegetables and black pepper sauce. We can taste the homemade flavour on the potato mash.

Asian D'Lites - Sweet Fish with Garlic Butter with White Rice also good. Fish fillet was deep fried and it was given with basmathi rice. The garlic butter added extra taste to the fish. The fish actually a lot for one meal. They were generous with the fish. The basmathi rice was cooked nicely. Can see its beautiful shiny long grains.

The mushroom soup was made with wild mushrooms and it had the original taste. The mango and watermelon juice were really tasty. They were fresh and original. The two bottles of juice were not enough because they tasted really good.

Overall it was a satisfying meal and service by Red Penguin. The portions were really big too. Thank you Red Penguin.

Red penguin Restaurant is now open for dine in, delivery, pick up and online services. Do you want try the food at Red Penguin too? Here are their details:
Address: Red Penguin Restaurant,
               88a, Jalan Burhanuddin Helmi,
               Taman Tun Dr. Ismail,
               Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
Contact No: 018 - 222 2898
Webpage: http://www.redpenguin.my
Facebook : www.facebook.com/redpenguin88a
Instagram: www.instagram.com/redpenguin88a


  1. Have not tried tge food by Red penguin but it is so tenpting. Maybe one day might visit.

  2. nampak sedap je. paling penting ada delivery haha nowdays dah adapt new norm banyak order delivery je

  3. Wow! Those foodie looked yummylicious Kay... I hope it is Halal so that I could also have a try ... I will check it out... Nevertheless, thanks for sharing the information on such great food ya...

  4. Wah dah macam2 delivery service available sekarang kan? Nnt bole la i share with my friends for this service

  5. TTDI near mouse mommy working place too! Will inform my colleagues too, some looks for vegetarian meals.