Qing Skin Sake - The Much Needed Exfoliator

Since now Cuti-cuti Malaysia, I went to Pangkor couple of weeks back for a beach holiday. After the holiday, I got back home with extremely tanned skin due to the hot sun. My face tone was uneven too. While I was searching for a fast remedy, I was introduced by Qing Skin Sake. So I decided to give a try and in just one week I noticed my skin tone became even and brighter.

For those who haven't heard about Qing Skin Sake, it is an exfoliator formulated in Japan and manufactured in Taiwan. It is made from natural ingredients, mainly plant based enzymes.

It is crafted to tackle even prolonged old dead skin, horny rough skin, dark patches and uneven skin tone. Skin sake by Qing is a gentle yet powerful cocktail to achieve skin renewal at every usage.Not only does it exfoliates and removes dead skin and dark marks caused by dead skin, it also promotes and aids in generation of new soft skin.

Benefits of Qing Skin Sake:

1. Exfoliates top layer of skin, removing dead skin and other impurities

2. Boost cell regeneration, keep skin bright and supple, anti-inflammatory and moisturising properties keep skin soft and supple

3. Restore skin's moisture for revitalised and youthful complexion, help smoothes appearance of wrinkles and improves skin's texture

4. Anti-oxidant for skin, moisturises and remineralise skin and improves cell metabolism and skin elasticity

My extremely tanned uneven toned skin from beach holiday changed back to my normal skin in just one week.

Here are some of the other testimonials:

I usually use the Qing Skin Sake right before I shower in the bathroom. I spray it first and then give a gentle rub and rinse off with water. It can be applied everywhere on our body parts daily and for face only twice a week. For face, clean with cleanser first and then only use Qing Skin Sake. After that, I apply moisturizer or mask on my face.

The selling price of each bottle of skin sake is RM125. Promo bundle of 2 bottles at RM230. It comes with Free Gift and Free Shipping too. Please don't forget to use the code {QingKayathre2020) under the reference when make payment ya!

Faster get the Qing Skin Sake too and get your beautiful skin!

To purchase or for more info, please check out:

IG: daphnescapades

FB page: @qingskinsakeMY (Qing Skin Sake - Malaysia)


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