WHITEKISH - Magic Charcoal

 Do you have these teeth problems such as stained teeth or bad breath or tartar or shy to smile? Then what you need is Whitekish! Whitekish is a magic charcoal for whitening, cleaning teeth and mouth. 

Whitekish is a product by RKay Empire HQ. It is made of active charcoal. This active charcoal is from the natural resources which is from coconut shell, without chemical ingredients that helps for whitening & cleaning teeth and mouth by absorbing bacteria and "food chemical" overall. 


Whitekish Magic Charcoal contains many benefits such as for teeth whitening; get rid of the bacteria which causes bad breath; effectively removes the coral in the toothpick especially for smoker; neutralizes pH of the mouth; no materials corrosive (peroxide); and effective as early as in 1 month of use.

It's very use to use Whitekish. Dip the charcoal powder with soft toothbrush and brush teeth and tongue slowly. Use it twice a day for a week and starting second week use it twice a week. 

I tried it for my teeth and noticed whiter teeth even after one use. So, now I am consistently using it because I am happy with the results.

Do you want to smile confidently like me? Then get your Whitekish immediately.

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