COBOR Flower Essence Repairing Cream

COBOR is a professional skincare brand established in 2002. COBOR's products have been exported to many countries such as UAE, Saudi Arabia and etc.  COBOR is a trustable skincare brand which has been working on skincare for 25 years and have more than 3.6 million customers in 2019.

Currently I'm using COBOR Flower Essence Repairing Cream. It contains a variety of natural ingredients that can deeply moisturize and repair the skin. The star ingredient is the desert rose extract imported from a French company which is also the supplier for other famous worldwide brands such as Lancome.

COBOR Flower Essence Repairing Cream whitens the skin tone; repair; nourish; conceal dark spots and pigments; moisturize; anti-aging; reduce wrinkles; and prevents UVA, UVB & Blu-ray. Imported Desert Rose Extract from France helps whiten the skin tone & repair; and improves the sensitive skin. Nicotinamide & Vitamin C whitens & brightens the skin tone continuously; and provides a healthy glowing look to the skin. It replaces heavy makeup. It is light pink cream with natural rose smell. This cream won't melt even if it is hot outside.

My skin looks more moisturized and my skin tone looks more even. Since I don't like to use heavy makeup, this is a good choice for me because it is all in one cream. It equals to lotion plus cream plus foundation plus concealer. Now I can go out with healthy glowing skin without heavy makeup. 

Star ingredients of COBOR Flower Essence Repairing Cream are Desert Rose (Adenium Obesum), Resurrection Plant (Myrothamnus Flabellifolia Extract) and Edelweiss (Leontopodium Alpinum). 

COBOR gets inspiration from desert plants that can survive in extreme temperatures. With the help of nature, COBOR Desert Rose Tone Up Cream helps the skin to retain hydration; resist oxidation; and prevent ultraviolet rays; radiation; and dryness to improve various skin problems. COBOR has imported this raw material from a reliable supplier who also provides ingredients to other famous brands such as Lancome.

The resurrection plant can retain water efficiently even in extremely hot areas. Its extract contains anti-oxidation elements that can help the skin resist and repair the damage caused by UV rays and blue light. It helps revitalize the cells and soothe the skin.

Edelweiss extract is rich in mineral elements that can soothe, calm, brighten and nourish the skin. Its active elements are able to stimulate collagen production, thus restoring skin elasticity and repairing the damaged cells. 

COBOR Flower Essence Repairing Cream doesn't contain any harmful ingredients. It is suitable for all skin types, even sensitive skin and pregnant women. It's very easy to use this cream. After wash the face, apply the cream on the face until it's fully absorbed. It is suggested to use it at daytime. If go out, it is suggested to use the sunblock after use the cream. I just use face cleanser to remove it. No need makeup remover. 

If you always put on heavy makeup, spend much time on makeup and fail to wakeup early everyday, then this cream is the best for you. Click  to purchase this COBOR Flower Essence Repairing Cream and the get beautiful skin you always wanted. By the way, this set comes with 2 bottles of cream and a special free gift which is Eye Rose Essential Oil.


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